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A stock market analyzer of volatile BioTech stocks.

BioBounce has a proven track record for correctly predicting the time to purchase a selected biotech stock.

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"The safest place to look for a new trade is at the end of the first correction to a new swing"...W.D.Gann
BioBounce.com is a Biotech swing trading method that provides optimal entry zones and corresponding targets to maximize profitability. With access to the watchlist you will be able to track 10-15 Biotech tickers that we monitor in real-time. The BioBounce swing trading method is unique from other Biotech Trading sites in that it takes advantage of volatility, sentiment and fundamental catalysts. Our service analyzes pertinent information for each stock to continuously provide tickers that have the highest probability of bouncing.

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Paying members also get access to our private Twitter feed which tweets alerts as they happen during trading hours. The alerts include:
  • Ticker ABCD just fell into its entry zone and is trading at ...
  • Ticker EFGH just passed Target 1 and is trading at ...
  • Ticker IJKL just passed Target 2 and is traing at ...
  • Ticker MNOP just passed target 3 and is trading at ...
  • Just a warning: Ticker QRST temporarily fell below its abandon price of ...
  • ABANDON TICKER UVWX. It closed below its ABANDON price of ...
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Here are the tickers we currently own:
Symbol Last Orig Price Orig Date Return
What Do We Do?
The watchlist offers a streamlined selection of volatile Biotech stocks which have the highest probability of bouncing. The BioBounce concept is based on finding optimal entry, taking profits at specified targets and mitigating risk by abandoning when the probability becomes unfavorable.

This website has been created to allow you to follow along with what we have been trading for years. Alerts are tweeted from our private twitter feed in real-time when an actionable phase is taken, such as “Ticker A just hit its ENTRY zone. ”

The alerts guide us through the targets for selling and acts as a warning if the stock moves too far in the wrong direction.

It's simple: we buy here, we sell there.
Who Are We?
@BioBounce has over 15 years of commercial Biopharmaceutical experience. His knowledge of the biotech industry provides insight to the research side of our selection process.
@AlgoSniffer has been analyzing the stock market for 20 years. He has developed a unique swing trading method that provides the insight into the technical analysis side of our selection process.

This website combines the expertise of @AlgoSniffer and @BioBounce.
Many investors avoid Biotech because it is viewed as the “wild wild west.” By understanding volatility, sentiment and fundamental catalysts, we have created a swing trading method that eliminates as much risk as possible. The tickers we add to our watchlist will always have the highest probability of bouncing.
Why Should You Be Interested?
"My first time buying today. Very happy, net covered cost of subscription on day when my IBD50 stocks tanked!"
"I really like how easy your system is to follow. VERY easy! You sure call em' to the penny...look at ALKS...big volume coming in right to the penny. Really Cool!"
Gary A.
"Hi Gonzo, Just want to thank you for NSPR. Got a small position in the ZONE and now watching it run. We appreciate your hard work with the spreadsheet and everything else."
"The spreadsheet is a thing of beauty! Your service is a must have for every trader and investor; priceless technical analysis! Thanks for all you do!"
Paul M.
"@AlgoSniffer OMG you're great!!! DDXS hit the target"
Andrilu C.
"The best way to stay unemotionally involved is don't know anything about the investment other than the symbol... That's being provided along with the price parameters... Then just play by the rules... There can be no emotional involvement... unless you like one set of letter better than another..."
Andrew J
"@AlgoSniffer You are rocking! Even when the bios are doing terribly."
Richard U
"Your spreadsheet is fantastic. Thanks for getting me perfectly positioned in KERX. My last 25% is now running, and that's exactly how this is supposed to work. Fantastic. I was floundering around, trying to do my own setups, stops and targets by the seat of the pants, but now I have found THE LIGHT. At $40 a month your service is set too cheap."
Scott K
"Don't get distracted and stick with the BioBounce/Gonzo watch list. Indeed, the only way to really make money on BIOs is to stick to the BioBounce/Gonzo method. Anything short of that is pure gamble and BIOs are never to be trusted, simply traded! And this is why BioBounce/Gonzo are successful! My 2 cents."
How Does It Work?
BioBounce researches and picks the stocks and provides Entry Areas and Profit Targets. Using the following rules they have been able to leverage this information into profitability.

  • Purchase the stock when it falls into its ENTRY zone.
  • If stock CLOSES below its ENTRY zone, sell it the next day.
  • Sell 25% of your holdings when the price reaches target 1.
  • Sell 25% of your holdings when the price reaches target 2.
  • Sell 25% of your holdings when the price reaches target 3.
  • Let the last 25% of your position ride.
  • If the stock ever closes below its ABANDON price, simply exit a position the next day.
  • If the stock closes above the 3rd target, a new entry zone will be established and the ticker will be placed back onto the watchlist.
AlgoSniffer, LLC is the Publisher of BioBounce.com and @BioBounceAlerts. AlgoSniffer, LLC is not a Registered Investment Advisor.

BioBounce.com and @BioBounceAlerts are for informational purposes only and AlgoSniffer, LLC accepts no responsibility for any monetary losses incurred from use of the information provided.

Biotechnology is a highly volatile sector, and presents higher than average risk. As a subscriber of our service, you are responsible for your own due diligence regarding any and all tickers we provide on our watchlist.

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